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'Platinum' entrance 65€ 
'Gold' entrance 45€ 
'Silver' entrance 30€
'Iron' entrance 20

Location: Escopazzo
Address: Via d'Aracoeli, 41
City: Roma
Info & Reservations: 
+390698875854 - +393476304510 - +393290370784


Escopazzo pub...to celebrate a fantastic New Year’s Eve 2017!

Escopazzo wants to celebrate this special event in different parts of the world!!
Get the party stared!! First toast (in Russia), followed by the Italian one. At 5:00am it's time for the  Caribbean! During the evening: toasts, cotechino and lentils and Christmas dessert buffet. For those who want, possibility to book a table with bottle.
Escopazzo is located in the historic center, where you will always find a lively and exciting atmosphere, not far from Piazza Venezia and Largo Argentina.

21.30: Welcome
21.45: Music and sweets buffet
22.00: Toast (in Russian)
23.30: Waiting for midnight
00.00: Midnight Toast (in italian)
01.30: Cotechino and lentils
05.00: Toast (Caribbean)
...music until dawn...



'Platinum' entrance 65€ includes:

- Entrance from 8.30pm with alcoholic drink
- Grand buffet New Year's Eve 
- Cotechino and lentils 
- Reserved table all night 
- 1 bottle of sparkling wine at the table every 4 pax 

'Gold' entrance price 45€ includes: 
- Entrance from 8.30pm with alcoholic drink 
- Grand buffet New Year's Eve  
- Cotechino and lentils 

'Silver' entrance price 30€ includes: 
- Entrance from 10.30pm with 1 drink 
- Buffet of Christmas cakes 
- Glass of sparkling wine for the toast 
- Cotechino and lentils 

'Iron' entrance price 20€ includes: 
- Entrance from 00.30 with 1 drink 
- Buffet of Christmas cakes 
- Cotechino and lentils





The menu is currently being updated


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